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After a few weeks of tough criticism, MTV’s reality show based in West Virginia called Buckwild is getting positive feedback from fans who enjoy the show from around the world.

“Buckwild premiered to massive ratings: 2.5 million people tuned in, which is 1 million more than Jersey Shore’s 2009 premiere.” –

Cara Parrish and Shae Bradley, two girls from Buckwild, met with fashion photographer Jaboy Fry (Aaron Fryson) to showcase the beauty of these stars. Jaboy is a Charleston native who’s known for his stylish take on fashion photography. Check out a few photos from his latest shoot and learn more about the man behind the camera.

Shae Bradley from MTV's BuckwildCara Parrish from MTV's Buckwild


“Interview with Fashion Photographer Jaboy Fry”

Jaboy Photography

Tell us a little about your background. What made you interested in becoming a photographer?

I started photography based on my love of fashion. I love how amazing a woman can look in a huge fashion hat and stylish clothes. I live for this stuff. Fashion photography is fun, unique and can go in so many different directions as long as the viewer is happy, then I’m smiling. I’ve been shooting professionally for 5 years.

After seeing your photography, it’s clear you have your own style that compliments the models well, what’s the inspiration for your sense of fashion?

I have a set of goals for every shoot I setup, it needs to have sexiness, fashion, art and a bit of mystery. I like to confuse people while also giving them something pretty to look at. Most photographers would go to a waterfall and have their model show up in a nice bikini. I’m the type of photographer who would do a waterfall shoot and have the model show up in a tuxedo…

How would you describe your style?

I love clarity, but sometimes a photo needs a bit of grime. I shoot with a lot of Olympus equipment. I love the washed out colors my camera delivers. It’s not the best equipment, but it definitely compliments my style.

Hair and makeup session before shoot with Sara Myers

In today’s world, many people want to be a photographer, whether it be fashion or otherwise, what advise would you give to aspiring photographers?

Study!!!! Learn to stop messing with those automatic lens! Many photographers let their cameras control them, I believe a way to really take control of the photography process is to learn how to take control of your camera.

Cara Parrish from MTV's Buckwild

What was it like working with Cara and Shae?

I’ve known Cara for years now, she is always a model to me before anything else. I just recently met Shea, she’s really young but I can definitely tell both of them have amazing futures ahead of them.

We have to ask, do you watch Buckwild?

I don’t have cable, (lol) but I promised Cara I would get online and watch it, ASAP!

What’s the best part of your job?

Working with so many unique women and meeting people everyday.

Shae Bradley from MTV's Buckwild

What type of camera lenses do you use?

For this shoot I used a vintage Minolta lens (1978 version) and to create a vintage look I threw my finger over the lens to create the brown haze…

Any upcoming shoots you’d like to share with us?

I’m still shooting with Glam Couture, I have a session coming up with Yun Liang then Morgantown model, Brittany Whiting, very excited about any published works.

If fans would like to see more of your photography, where can they find you?

My model mayhem is the best place.

Interview By: Jole Aron